Our expertise covers the full array of fashion market sectors and luxury consumer goods including Women's, Men's, Children's, Apparel, Accessories, Jewelry, Beauty, Home Decor, Gourmet and Design.  Our services fall into 5 general categories:







In Retail Consulting, we assist international retailers in the creation and repositioning of both bricks-and-mortar and digital projects.  Targeting consumer environments from small multi-brands to large scale department stores and mono-brand boutiques, we provide strategic advice from the conceptualization stages through to the implementation and execution of long term operations.  Functioning simultaneously as a buying office, Lux&Bee puts in place a reliable support system, acting with transparency and diplomacy as an intermediary between clients and suppliers, offering clients a dependable and efficient representation on the market.


Retail Concept Development

Consumer Market Study


Product Assortment

Vendor Mix

Brand Outreach

Project Communication Tools and Presentations

Brand Negotiations and Exclusivities

Buying Strategy, Planning and Budgeting

Work Plan and Buying Appointment Coordination

Market Research

Logistics Support

Private Label Development




At Lux&Bee we have our finger on the pulse of luxury consumer behavior and diligently keep clients informed of emerging product and market trends. Our trend reports highlight pertinent industry news: noteworthy new designers and brands, collaborations, store openings, retail concepts, merchandising initiatives, as well as how art, architecture, film, literature and contemporary cultural phenomena dialog with fashion today. Tailored reports research specific client needs by category or theme to identify the best and most appropriate suppliers for each project.  Finally, with Lux&Bee's varied portfolio and extensive network, sourcing and recruiting European talent for collaborations or private label development is made easy.  


market research

seasonal trend reports

product specific reportS


competitive shopping

sample purchasinG

Manufacturer sourcing


The combination of innovative thinking and perceptive market analysis enables us to identify initiatives that challenge conventional ideas.  From designer collaborations to special events, Lux&Bee with its network of marketing and PR professionals, gear up to assist clients in the production of creative communication concepts at a highly competitive level.


Image Building

Relationship Networking

Print and Digital Communication

Press Coverage




In-Store Events

Brand Presentations


Special Events

Social Media


With a broad depth of consumer market knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of competitive retail environments, at Lux&Bee we are able to advise brands on key elements related to building and positioning their image as well as commercial strategies for success in international markets.  We provide existing and emerging brands with the tools they need and a network of professionals they can depend on to drive growth and expansion.


Product Development


Marketing and Communication Initiatives

Wholesale Strategy


Product Placement


Showroom and Sales Guidance


Anticipating the various needs of our clients while traveling for business, at Lux&Bee we provide a tailored concierge service specializing in fashion and luxury, for professional as well as personal use, because every one of our clients is a VIP.  Each of our client's requirements are meticulously tended to and we resourcefully adapt to meet specific requests.  Organized and reliable, this fine-tuned service facilitates and optimizes time spend during market and business travel.



Appointment Accompaniment

Trade Fair Invitations

Fashion Show invitations

Event RSVP

Hotel reservations

Restaurant recommendations and reservations

Car service and transportation coordination

Flower delivery